Not able to see more options section in Database node (search)

We are trying to do filter distinct on a column in DB search. But not able to find the more options section in the database node. Can someone help us here?

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Can you elaborate more on the outcome you’re looking for with an example?

We don’t have distinct as part of the node, but I can suggest a workaround based on the use-case

Hi Gautam, the DB node is missing the more options sections itself. The first screenshot is from my other bot where the more options section is visible.

But in the second screenshot the more option section itself is not visible.Filter distinct is part of the node only right?

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I think, a JIRA ticket is required for this.
Even if he searches the entire set and formats unique fields in the function, for huge data the variable will not be able to store above certain size of data from DB node.
Hope it helps.


@Suryakumar_Arumugam if swapping that database node hasn’t helped, this would require an internal ticket as mentioned.

Hi @gautham I am not getting what you mean by swapping the DB node. However I raised a JIRA for this.

Thanks @Subhrajit_Gupta for your response

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