Search/Favorite/Radio Option on Platform

Scenario :
Question 1)
If I want to add search bar to filter the beneficiary list from carousal slider, Is this option is present in platform to filter the slider’s.? If this is not present on platform then please can you suggest with alternate solution?

Question 2)
If there are multiple beneficiary list is we are showing on BOT, then can we make few of them favorite by adding and clicking on Star. Is this option available in Platform?
If this is not present then please can you suggest with alternate solution?

Question 3) Instead of Buttons, Can we add radio buttons in Quick Reply Node or Any other option’s is present in platform to create option’s using radio button?
If this is not present then please can you suggest with alternate solution?

Hey @Aishwarya.Gandhi

  1. Looks like the requirement is for a search filter along with a carousel. This isn’t really a conversation behaviour and mostly a web/mobile-app like behaviour, so we don’t have support for it right now? Can you tell us the use-case you’re looking to achieve with this and which channel do you have in mind?

  2. Other than restructuring to have them at the top of the list, there is no favouriting options.

  3. Radio buttons and Quick replies are the same functionality. So what would be different here?
    If you’re looking for checkboxes, we have a multi-select node for the same, but is only supported by a few channels.

For 1st case: In web and mobile chatbots, we want to search for a particular user from a carousel list. More than 50 entries can appear in a carousel at a time. How can we find a particular user from that list? Clicking on the arrow for swipe might be difficult without a search option.Can you suggest on this?


This is not really a conversational experience but rather an app like experience and so it’s not something we’re prioritising right now.

Additionally, channels like FBM / Whatsapp need to support the same functionality at a UI level even if we were to build it out. So, at the moment, this is not possible.

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@gautham Those all are the part of requirements. But I got your point.
Okay Thank You for clearing all doubts.