Not able to upload documents

I tried to upload the document from my HTML page but the platform was not able to parse the link properly so your team suggested me to upload the document in file, I extracted all my document in PDF and now I was trying to load in bulk which is not possible, when tried to load one by one, it failed to load as most of the file name is index and it is not accepting same file name, how to load these files now, I can not edit each and every file there are more then 1K FILES

It can accept the same file name if you upload them one by one. Can you share the bot access with me at

first of all document does not have option to upload in bulk so I am uploading one by one only and its not working, I am not sure if we are talking about same functionality please check out the feature available at below location:
Studio>train>Documents>File-> upload document

Also I have provided you the access please check

Hey @Chirag_Agarwal the bot is working fine. You can upload more than one file at a time by adding them one by one and the name must be unique for the file. Because if the name of the file will be same then the bot will think the content of the other file is also the same as it was already added.

I have more then 1000 doc, cant it be renamed by platform