Orchestration on cloud bots

Do we have orchestration capabilities on cloud portal? The requirement is that the client will create multiple child bots and they should be individual instances on the platform but should talk to a parent instance bot.

For ex- There is an automobile client which is planning to have different WhatsApp bots for sales, service, and loyalty. The sales bot contains all the product catalogs and information about the products. So if we run a campaign on a service bot whatsapp number reminding users of due service and they ask a follow-up question saying what is the weight of XYZ bike? The child bot(service) bot should be able to redirect this query to the parent bot(sales bot) and answer the user’s query.

Is the above achievable right now?

Hi @Shubham_Raja , You can refer to this doc : Orchestrator for bots | yellow.ai
I hope this will be helpful.