Pizza Bash! 🍕

Hola folks,

We love hackathons for 2 reasons apart from learning: fun and pizza! :pizza: Right?

Pizza Love!
Alt: Pizza, we like Pizza!

Well, since we can’t meet in person and enjoy pizza, we’ve decided to conduct a pizza raffle and give away a pizza voucher upto Rs. 500 to one lucky winner. All you have to do is submit this form by 23rd September, 5 PM IST.

The winner will be announced on 24th September, at 11 AM IST. Please keep an eye on the inbox because that’s where we will ask you where to deliver your voucher / delicious pizza! :yum:

What are you waiting for? Go, submit this form! :wink:

Thank you!
Yellow Messenger Community Team

I don’t have a team to submit this. Can I get a team now? Sorry for the late response.

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We won’t be able to help you form a team. However, you’re free to form a team on your own and submit by the 27th.

Also, the current name of your team is SmartBot (from your query on another thread)