Community Invites You

Hey there,

Rendezvous is now open for everyone!

Thanks a ton for being a part of the YellowTribe. It’s now our turn to give back and create value for you. We’re hosting an online meet-up (Rendezvous) for our community on the 18th of Aug, 5 pm.

The event will be held in a meet and greet format combined with a Masterclass on Google Business Messaging (GBM). If you’re a techie, a business owner, a leader, or even a student looking to stay on top of your game, this is it!

Do not miss the chance to meet and network with a great bunch of folks and learn about the next big thing in conversational marketing.

Register for the event here:

(Takes < 20 s)

Upskill, network, and grow with the YellowTribe!