Possibility using Web View from Customer

Hi Web Widget Team,

Is it possible, if Customer want to implement their web view on top of our web bot?
not using our Web View. Please help to answer this question. Thanks

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Hey, @Andika_Januarianto

Can you share the use case for implementing webview here? We encourage our customers to use a conversation based approach for most use cases but if your use case cannot be solved using this approach, we can enable the webview flag for your bot.

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Hi Adithya,
Currently, they have many articles to accommodate response from customer queries.

Use case:
Once customer communicating with the bot then bot will give response which response contain certain link. After link were clicked by customer will be open article using web view. This web view will be developed by yellow.ai client.

is it possible, right?

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Namaste @Andika_Januarianto

We suggest to configure bot response with a brief message along with the link that will re-direct users to respective blog/article page. Chat bots are designed around conversations. Re-directing users to respective page is the right thing to do here.

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