Post call glitch

I am sending the dynamic data of type int in the json body of the POST call
In first snapshot the API is working for the same body
but when i am refreshing the page it is by default converting it and i have to press command
+z to make it as of before.
Please help me in this asap.

Hi @Harsh_Chandel,
You need to use double quotes.
In the body, it should be
“trip_no” : “{{{tripNo}}}”

I did that, but if i am adding the double quotes it is converting the int value to the string value and passing the string value.
but my API only accepts the int value in that field so it is giving invalid json body error.

So @Harsh_Chandel for that, in the studio while building the flow, before API node, pass variable of type “number” to the API.

please refer screenshots :-