Product price is appearing in different currencies on FB Commerce Manager and on WhatsApp

When client is uploading Product Price on Facebook Commerce Manager, Indonesian currency is in “RP”, whereas on WA it is showing in Indonesian currency as “IDR”. We have checked in App platform logs and it is showing in “IDR”.

Would like to understand why there is a change in currency and expecting our app platform and WhatsApp also to show the same currency value which is “RP” as uploaded on Facebook.

Expecting the same currency “RP” as uploaded in Facebook to be shown in App platform and WhatsApp as well.

PFA: screen shot 01, 02, 03

Also PFA Jira ticket as well - Log in with Atlassian account

Hi @Agilan_KS ,

Thanks for raising this up.

As per Facebook Commerce Catalog Data field value specification for Price field, it accepts the ISO standard 4217 for currency codes. You can find more details in the below doc for reference to all the Data Fields including Price.

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Thank you for sharing this @Wasim_Laskar, this helps!!

If there is any more concern on the same topic, I will reach out to you here.

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