Queries about notification API

Our customer is having following questions about notification API:

  1. What is the retry mechanism if SMS got failed & how many retries were made before considering a message as a failed message?
  2. If we didn’t receive the delivery report or want to check why a particular SMS failed, how can we check that?
  3. If our webhook gives an error message, what will be the fallback mechanism you will be following?
  4. What is the retention time of the SMS in a queue and what will happen after its time expires?
  5. In the delivery report can you list down all statuses, we will get (ENUM) e.g., event: { status: ‘delivered’ }?
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Thanks for raising the questions. Plese find the responses in-line.

  1. Currently , there is no retry mechanism in place for the notifications API product.
  2. Delivery reports can be checked both in the data explorer and received in the webhook. There’s no retry for posting to webhook.
  3. Currently , there’s no fallback in place.
  4. Promotional SMS to be delivered in 1-2 hours | Transactional - 2 mins | OTP - 30 sec
  5. Statuses are: delivered, failed, undelivered (failure at the device level: e.g, device out of network coverage), not-sent (not pushed from the platform yet)


Hello Vishnu,

  1. For retires, do we know how many times the service provider will retry from their end?
  2. In the worst case, does the request stays in the queue forever?