Removing number from one WABA and adding to a new FBM and WABA

have had a case where we client gave a new FB BM ID and number was to be removed from current BM account
will below steps work ?deleting number from current WABA
disconnecting bot from the number
connect the bot with new FB BM account and creating a new WABA(embedded way)
and then add the same number to this new WABA(embedded way)

will this work ?

Hi @Sachin_Harsur , Is the number previously with a different BSP ?

@Harshin_Balaji no its with YM BSP only

WABA Numbers cannot be migrated from One BM to other. It can only be migrated from one BSP to other or from one WABA to other keeping the same BM ID attached to both WABAs.

@Wasim_Laskar in this case client gave wrong BM ID to us initially. Now they are asking us to remove number from old BM and configure number to new BM.

Will deleting number from current WABA and disconnecting from bot.

then connecting bot with new FB BM ID and creating new WABA and adding number will not work ?

@Wasim_Laskar … please help … the go live is tomorrow for this bot

Reaching out to you internally for this.