Render PDF document in file node from tiny url received in API response

We are getting a tiny url for a pdf file from client’s API response. We have to display the PDF document on whatsapp bot in cloud platform. Right now it is appearing as link and not the document.
Is it possible to achieve this ?

CC : @Mohika

Use file message and this format in fetch from


we are using below code for fetch from:

let obj = {
“file”: {
“name”: pdfName,
“url”: “”,
“urlEncoded”: true/false

As you can see Url is short Url and we are not getting any pdf from this.

@Aakanksha_Jain , is the above syntax correct. Will it work ?

It should ideally work @Jaya_Vardhani_Mantha
Please raise an internal bug for this. cc: @gautham

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