How do we use generate PDF?

I am trying to use the generate PDF node and I am not able to figure out how to receive the pdf and show it on the bot. I have read the document on but still not able to figure out how to retrieve the PDF. Can someone walk me through exactly how to receive the PDF document in detail?

Thank you!

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Hey @GarveyJohn

Sure I can help you with the Generate PDF node. Please feel free to schedule an office hour call with me using this link: Calendly - Pratik Parmar

Currently, due to the Diwali holiday in India, I am on holiday till 8th November. You can book any slot after that.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you @Pratik,

We actually figured it out. We had to create a variable that was an object and then receive it from the file node. It just takes a moment before it shows up in the chat.

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Sorry for the delay from our end @GarveyJohn, but I’m glad you found a solution. In the upcoming week, we’ll update the documentation of Generate PDF node to make it more user-friendly.

Where I can see the file node? i cannot send the generated PDF in chat?

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Hey @senthil.vasan
First, you need to store the response of the Generate PDF node in an object variable.
After that, connect a File message node to the journey and under fetch from select the object variable in which we’re storing the response of Generate PDF.

@Partik, **Generate PDF** node and File message node are working fine in WhatsApp. Thank you so much :slight_smile: