Replicating of a Bot A to Bot B

Hi everyone, recently i tried to replicate the bot id x1655211075515 to x1671619750228

Bot id x1671619750228 is under my subscription, i tried to do export bot template from the sending Bot A, and tried to import that in the receiver bot.

But the studio/marketplace import/export didn’t worked out.

Kindly help in above task.

Greetings Mittal,

Can you help us share screenshots of the issue you are facing. Will be easier for the SME to resolve/address the issue.

Hi saurabh, Please look into the below screenshot and let me know if something else is also needed.

The above one is the bot template i am trying to import
Template Name - Test2

Overview of this template - > i created this template from the parent bot x1655211075515
By doing a export bot template…and created this template Test2.

Now i am trying to do is import this template in the child bot x1671619750228 but not able to do so.

Is it related to the subscription or something.

Hi @mittal2608,

Can you share us the network tab screenshots when you are importing?
Are there any errors coming in the UI when you are importing the template?