Export or Clone the journey to another Bot

Hi Team,
Is there a way to export or clone a certain journey to another Bot in the Cloud platform?

Use Case: We have a Master Bot and we want to reproduce its functionality in Multiple Bots (Each country have separate Bot). The Master Bot in English and the other bots uses the regional language. Every time we clone the Master bot, the local language-updated transcript will be replaced with English, requiring more localization work. Hence is there is any option available to Clone or export the particular journey.
CC: @Agilan_KS @Atharva_Agrawal @Hitesh @Aporve_Bhatnagar

Hey @Saravanan_R you can try by creating a template of that journey and then import that template to any bot in which you want to use it.

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Thanks @Jayesh_Rana .

@Jayesh_Rana bhai, incase if there is any update in the journey which we have already created how we can clone that update to the other country bots instead of doing it manually for each country?
CC: @Saravanan_R