Sending different videos to different users via flow

I want to send different videos to different users depending on their phone number, which I will take as input in my flow. How should I do that?

Hey @Virok_Sharma what do you mean by different numbers, the user will be from another country or for India users only you want to implement this.??

From India only. What I mean is that I want to send different videos to different users. I can choose which video to send a user based on their phone number.
YM allows me to send one video to all users in the flow, but can I customise which video I’m sending to which user?

We can do this. For this you need to store the numbers in the database and then you need to fetch that number from the DB and store the response in a variable, then you have to use a condition node and then you can send the video to that particular number.
But for a small group of user is fine, but what if you want to send 1000 different videos to 1000 different users. Then it will be a issue.

I want to do it for 50 users, but I’m not able to do it. Could you write down step by step?

Hey @Virok_Sharma read my last message carefully.

If still not able to understand it. Then share the bot access with me at I will do it for one user and from there it will be easy to get a understand from there.

I’m confused about whether we would have to create different condition statements for all users (50 in my case). And also, what node would come after condition node?

Yes, you have to create it.

No, there has to be a more efficient way
Can you check with other YM team members?

Hello, @Virok_Sharma

  • Create the database columns phone_number and video_url.
  • Using the phone_number and the database node, create a journey to obtain the video_url.
  • Next, obtain the URL and display it to the user.

Hope this may help.