Show history and create new session in mobile app/web queries on cloud platform

The client wants history in the mobile app, for that we enabled the show history flag in the chat widget setting and the client is passing ymAuthToken and it’s working fine.
For the website bot, the client doesn’t want history. The client wants a new session for every Tab in the website bot. For that, we enabled create a new session flag in the chat widget settings. But after enabling the session flag, history is not coming in the app which is the issue.

If Create New session for every Tab is enabled history will not be retained.
Same widget is used in web and mobile.
At max they can retain history in mobile by passing ymAuthToken and not retain in web by not passing ymAuthToken by enable showHistory and disabling Create New session for tab in settings.
This will not create new session for every new tab and show the conversation happened in other tab.

@Sukrit_Gupta Bro client is not passing ymAuthToken in the website bot but still, history is coming as we have enabled the show history flag.

ymAuthenticationToken is used to retain history across the session and different device/browser. In web if show history is enabled you will see the history until cache is cleared.
but if you login with same user on mobile/different browser and don’t pass the ymAuthToken history will not be shown.

Why do they want to retain history only on mobile sdk and not on web?

@akshay_bhat It’s the client’s expectation not sure about the reason behind it.

@Tharun_Kumar_Gutha Please get more info on why it’s needed. As mentioned by @Sukrit_Gupta they can choose to pass auth token on mobile, and not on web.