Widget history conflict?

On our mobile implementation it seems that 2 of our goals conflict with each other - I wonder if you know a way they can both occur?

Goal 1: User sees agent responses (which occurred e.g. overnight) when he reopens the widget - therefore, I need to leave the chat widget setting “Show history of the conversation” set to on

Goal 2: User sees a specific flow when he opens the widget, dependent on the point in the app he opens the widget from - we achieve this by sending the flow slug in the payload. However, this seems to only work if “Show history of the conversation” is set to off. Otherwise, we just see the old chat history and don’t see the desired flow (unless it is the users first interaction with the bot)

Can you suggest a way I can achieve both of these goals?

Hello @Tim

Flow trigger is given highest priority at all times. Even if history is enabled, flow trigger should work. Have you tried it? Is it not working?

Yes, we’ve tried it - for us it is working as described in my post - if history is enabled, the flows do not trigger.

After some further testing, have realised that this problem is only present on Android version. iOS implementation behaves as you describe / as expected. On Android the interactions between active tickets, chat history, and triggered flows leaves us with seeming conflicts as described above.

Thanks for sharing the info @Tim
We will get this checked

Hi @Tim Could you please share for Android which SDK you are using and what would be the version for same.
We will get this checked, if issue still persist I would recommend to create a support ticket.

Thanks Sukrit,
I have opened a support ticket.
Just in case, SDK and version number = YMChatbot-Android:2.3.4

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