Steps validator setting

Validation function is not working after giving 3 or more wrong inputs.

is validator only works 3 times?

Have you enabled the number of retries.?
If not then go to tools and enable the number of retries over there.

Client requirement is at least validator work 5 times. where is the option enabled the number of retries.? and how to do that.

Go to studio → Go to tools from the menu that is coming on the left side of the screen .

In tools then you can find enable retries.

I am using cloud platform of yellow.

Hey @Sachin_Muksha I’m also referring to that only.

Retries won’t work if you have extra nodes involved as validator functions or condition nodes.
It only works for one prompt cases, with no extra nodes in between.

not working after enable retries as expected.

Buddy this is App platform not cloud platform.

In app you can use customHandler() to enable the same.
In main app.start

onInvalidCountExceeded: async () => {
                await app.sendTextMessage(app.renderMessage('stuck'));

In validator you can use something like this

                    success: false,
                    customHandler: async () => {
                        await app.sendQuickReplies({
                            title: await app.renderMessage('invalid_accno'),
                            options: [{ title: await app.renderMessage('go_back'), text: `go back` }]

** Renders arent Promises. you mightn’t need async/await

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