Is it possible to trigger a specific journey if a user has reached the maximum number of retries

The requirement is to trigger a (contact with an expert) journey whenever a user has reached maximum number of retries in a prompt.


We can write our own counter to check whether maximum limit reached or not and once reached we can trigger the required journey. From platform we don’t have that feature available currently.

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We can do it manually or by repeating the same steps 2-3 times and on the last retrie we can trigger a different journey.

Yea but that is a very brute force method, if it is a big bot then we have to do this in every journey and at every prompt. Is there anyway we can change the default journey which gets triggered after maximum retries maybe through an event or any workaround?

Hi @Mayank_Negi ,
As I can understand you want to go to a specific journey, so

  1. Product team can have builder send an event when there is retry event/ check if it exists.
  2. If you don’t make it active it goes to home trigger, else you configure the event as active and trigger a journey.
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That will help a lot, any ETA when can this be implemented? So that i can follow up on the same?

Hi @Mayank_Negi ,
One needs to know that the retry functionality doesn’t work if you have functions and other nodes between 2 prompt nodes.
You can raise a JIRA ticket for your requirement.

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In the current version, this is not possible. However you can feel free to raise a internal request for the same.
In longer term these inputs are part of our roadmap.