Text prompt - URL Issue

was there any change in the text prompt from the platform side??
for x1663063448704 - a link in the prompt is not redirecting to the correct website. -

When I checked this, the links in the prompt were in italic inverted commas -

and when I replaced those with the ones from my keyboard -

the link is working fine after replacing-

They were not facing this issue before as checked with the AM and there are 56 nodes and now I have to change the commas in each and every node to fix this.If this is a platform change, this might not be the only bot which would get affected.

There is no change in the text prompt.
Please check by debugging using a text in the anchor tag with the link being the same.

@Subhrajit_Gupta but this is the first time the customer has reported this and there are 56 nodes in which we need to change the link again.

If not resolved, we connect on this.