Two WhatsApp Account in 1 bot

Hi Platform team,

is it doable if we will connect 2 whatsapp account on 1 single bot for the both inbound below:

1 WhatsApp Account: handle use case inbound A (Customer Support)
1 WhatsApp Account: handle use case inbound B (Order placement)

or We need build separate bot for each use cases?

Please respond. Thanks


WhatsApp accounts and WhatsApp numbers are two separate entities.

the hierarchy is this:

Facebook Business Manager (FBM) → can have multiple WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs) → each WABA can have multiple numbers.

At our backend level, we will support only 1 WABA per bot.

So if you just need 1 number of Customer Support and 1 number for Order placement — you can connect 1WABA to a single bot and add 2 numbers to your WABA.

I’m not sure how you’ll identify which number is being pinged by the end user within the bot flows to show them CS or Order Placement

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