Can we create multiple bot in a single subscription? and in each bot can we link WhatsApp (WABA) account?

I am having a subscription and create a WhatsApp BOT. Now the WhatsApp BOT is in LIVE.

Now client asking another WhatsApp BOT for another use case.
Shall I create a BOT in the same subscription and in the that new BOT can able to link WABA account? or Do I need for another new subscription for creating WhatsApp BOT?

Please suggest me.

@Pratik @gautham
Could you please help on this? based on that I need to update client.

Hey @senthil.vasan you will need a new Subscription.

In a subscription we can create multiple BOT, but only one WhatsApp BOT we can create.
Is this correct? @pratik @gautham @jayesh_rana

under a subscription you can create multiple bots.
Each bot can have a WABA account linked to it β€” therefore, you can have multiple whatsapp bots under one subscription

you will require a different waba for each bot though
and all WABAs can be linked under one parent FBM account

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So we don’t need for new subscription, correct?

Right now we have created on WhatsApp BOT for a client.
Now client asking for another WhatsApp BOT.
So we need to a new WABA account linked under once parent FBM account, correct?

Please confirm once.

you need to create a new bot under the sub
and link a new waba to this new bot

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