Unable to read data from database

I am able to build and access the database. But the value returned for a query and stored in a variable is: [object Object].

I am not sure if I am printing the variable incorrectly or if i need to access it in another way. My output statement is: “The response is: {{variables.DBResponse}}”, where DBResponse is the name of my variable.

Any help in the matter on how to store and print results from a query so it doesnt show as [object Object] would be helpful!


Nevermind, i have figured it out.
Looks like you dont index arrays with [ ] as you normally would… :joy:

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HI @ro1406 , Can you explain how did you solve the above query. I am also seeing the same response [Object,Object]


You need to use this syntax to get values from specific columns -
variables.db response variable name.0.column name

To access different rows, index is mentioned without []…
Please see this here as well-

They have explained how to read API response there.

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Thank you @Jaya_Banbah for helping fellow community members! :partying_face:

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