V1 widget on cloud.yellow.ai bots

There is a client on cloud.ym using the v1 widget

And in doing so is facing intermittent null values passed through the payload.

  • Could such a conflict lead to such intermittent behaviour?
  • Is it mandatory for all cloud bots to have the v1 widget?

Sanity checks have been done

  • Logs indicate that the value passed through the payload is null
  • Real string value is getting passed through the payload — confirmed from Google Tag Manager

Hey @gautham,

  1. How are you sending this payload?
  2. Cloud bots work well with V2 widgets.

Sharing this script here. Values that seem to be intermittently failing are ProspectID and Referrer. Roughly failing 70% of the time

Values are passed through GTM along with other params like gclid and campaign name which are consistently coming through.

Let me know if this needs to be an internal ticket

.powered-by {
  display: none;
                 bot:"DM if you need this",
                 "url": "{{Page URL}}",
                 "campaignSource": "{{campaignSource_YM}}",
                 "campaignName": "{{campaignName_YM}}",
                 "campaignMedium": "{{campaignMedium_YM}}",
                 "referrer": "{{Referrer}}",
                 "prospect": "{{prospect_id}}"
(function() {
	var w = window,
		ic = w.YellowMessenger;
	if ("function" === typeof ic) ic("reattach_activator"), ic("update", ymConfig);
	else {
		var d = document,
			i = function() {
		var l = function l() {
			var e = d.createElement("script");
			e.type = "text/javascript", e.async = !0, e.src = "https://app.yellowmessenger.com/widget/main.js";
			var t = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
			t.parentNode.insertBefore(e, t)
		i.q = [], i.c = function(e) {
		w.YellowMessenger = i, w.attachEvent ? w.attachEvent("onload", l) : w.addEventListener("load", l, !1)

Please verify that these values are not null when the payload is sent to our backend. You can use the network tab to verify this. Please let us know if you notice that the values are passed correctly and the payload received by the bot is incorrect.

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