Need advise on how to to load v1 widget on yellow bot tester demo app

Hi team,

Need insights, i tried to load 1 bot in R4 in our yellow bot tester app. This bot is using v1 widget only, and this BOT is in r4 region. Not sure what to fill in host section here.

I keep getting error on adjusting the host url based on the bot region, need your advise for this case. Thank you

Yellow bot tester app link: ‎Yellow Bot Tester on the App Store

Hey @Rafif_Elrienanto,

Try That should work.

no luck still getting error incorrect bot id :pray:


Okay, will check with the mobile team and get back to you on this. Seems like this is working for V2 but not V1.

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you can use the bot id to test it from your end bhai:


Hi @Rafif_Elrienanto
Follow these steps
1- Open the app
2- Delete the bot if you have already added this bot
3- Enter Bot Id, Bot name, select version as v1
4- Enter custom as
5- Save the Profile
6- Go and launch the bot

This should work. If not try uninstalling and installing the app in worst case scenario and follow above steps again.

I am able to load the pwa link, weuse same within the sdk.

ok we have followed the steps suggested, still facing the same issue unfortunately :pray:

*note: if we enable lite version, the bot will be loaded, but it will load the v2 only, even though we choose v1 in the configuration

@Rafif_Elrienanto We are looking into this. We will get back to you soon.


We have released a new version of the Bot Tester App on the AppStore. Please download the latest. Let me know if you are still facing this issue there.

App Version: 1.0.6

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