Variable Value translate?

Can we translate variable to other language (if user type any message then we need to translate that input) As per my knowledge we can’t translate variable value right??

Hey @Sai_Kumar_Singaram as per my understanding you want to translate the text that the user is entering?

I mean to say we need to translate variable value to other language tried change language not it was not help full

check by using
translateInputMessage: true

Can you help how to check or enable this?? translateInputMessage @Subhrajit_Gupta

@Sai_Kumar_Singaram I think we have write a main function in that we have set translateInputMessage: true

please add to app.start that helps overriding.

But the bot is in cloud platform how can we use app.stat?? @Subhrajit_Gupta

and @Jayesh_Rana in cloud we don’t have access to main function so on which basis you are referring the main function.

@Subhrajit_Gupta can you provide input here?