How to disable auto translation for dynamic value

Hi team, is there any way we can prevent a value being translated to current language?

In my case, I want to show value from API in cards, here’s the value sample

        "id": "R11748293",
        "transaction_type": 5,
        "title": "Ina",
        "description": "Refund ke BCA",
        "beneficiary_bank": "bca",
        "counter_success": 0,
        "counter_failed": 0,
        "amount": 4564564,
        "status": "PENDING",
        "status_code": -1,
        "notes": null,
        "disturbance": {
            "sender": null,
            "beneficiary": null,
            "message": {
                "title": "",
                "description": "",
                "level": ""
        "created_at": 1678246709000

And here’s my code

let description = `ID Transaksi : ${}
                title: `${txData.title} - Rp. ${Number(parseInt(txData.amount)).toLocaleString('en-ID')}<br/>${txData.status}`,
                description: description,
                text: description,
                actions: [
                        title: "Cek Detail Transaksi",

But when I showing the description and status value, it’s being translated to Bahasa Indonesia

"Refund ke BCA " became “Kembalikan ke BCA” and “PENDING” became “TERTUNDA”

I expect the value showed is not translated and showing as it is from the API return