What is the alternative to " Month Picker widget " web view

client has deployed the BOT in MS Teams
now they are not able to view " Month Picker " widget in MS Teams
The same works fine in cloud preview bot.

Please help with an alternative solution

Hi Dipanjan,
Please refer to adaptive card datepicker to render a datepicker

“$schema”: “http://adaptivecards.io/schemas/adaptive-card.json”,
“type”: “AdaptiveCard”,
“version”: “1.0”,
“body”: [
“type”: “TextBlock”,
“text”: “Date Input”
“type”: “Input.Date”,
“id”: “date”,
“placeholder”: “Enter a date”,
“value”: “2017-10-12”
“actions”: [
“type”: “Action.Submit”,
“title”: “OK”


actually client is looking to display the month year card for user to select month like the card that we show in yellow platform
so if you can please help how to achieve that.

Don’t think monthpicker is available as per bot framework Adaptive card document.
An alternative is to ask a prompt for user to select a month as a button or text and validate it.


Thanks alot Subhrajit, suggested the same to client.

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