WhatsApp catalog feature integration with client backend systems

Can we integrate with client backend systems like their custom ERP solution for fetching product inventory/prices in real-time and push the order details to their order management solution for an E-Commerce use case?

If not, which backend systems we support for integration?

Hi Shubham,

Yes, we can fetch products from customers ERP Solution if they provide the APIs for the same and the order details can also be pushed back to their system once placed.

Incase the customer is planning to leverage the WhatsApp Catalog feature using the SPM/MPM then we have to check the systems capabilities wrt to WhatsApp Commerce Managers Sync feasibility and then we can comment on the possibilities.

If the above is not possible then we can use third party platforms like Shopify or Product Template CSV through google sheet or other hosting services to provide the Product informations via CSV.

This is required as its mandatory to keep the Products synced with WhatsApp commerce manager in order to use them with Catalog or SPM/MPM.

Thanks for the revert, Wasim.
Yes, the customer is planning to leverage the WhatsApp catalog feature using SPM/MPM. What details of their backend system would be needed to see if WhatsApp commerce managers sync is feasible if they have a custom tool and APIs are available?

Let me check if they have a Shopify or something. I’ll update this thread once i have the info.

We wont need their system details but we will require the below two for syncing the products with WA Commerce Manager and our platform.

  1. They have to host a CSV with Facebook Provide CSV Template which should be updated by them and FB will sync the product details from it every hour/day/week.

  2. They have to provide an API for us to fetch all the products from the same CSV to use the Product IDs and other information associated with the Product.

The above requirements are mandatory if the Inventory is dynamic in nature. Incase the inventory is static then they can take the order and later inform the customers of unavailability of product where we would only need to update the Commerce manager once using a CSV hosted anywhere on gdrive or their cloud.

Thanks for the complete information. This helps a lot.