MoEngage Integration Scope

Do we have a ready integration with MoEngage? If yes, what is the scope of that integration? A client is looking forward to the below pointers as a capability. Can we support all this?

  1. The main use case is that overall campaign management for clients will happen through MoE – segmentation, content config, etc – and WhatsApp will be one of the channels through which the campaigns will be executed.
  2. Capturing actions/responses on campaigns
  3. Capturing customer services/complaints/feedback data in MoE for more personalized and relevant responses to customer inquiries

@Shubham_Raja, thanks for reaching out. MoEngage directly uses our notification v2 API, hence we do not have a native integration with them.

As for your follow-up questions:-

  1. That will be entirely done on the MoEngage dashboard of the client.
  2. This has to be done in the BOT.
  3. You need to ask MoEngage to provide an endpoint where you can send all that data to their dashboard.

Hope this clarifies your queries.

Thanks for the prompt reply Mahesh. Really helps.