When is it preffered to use localization

When to use localization vs auto-translation. As I understand, localization is generally used when we want to replace just one message for a specific reason.

Are there any recommended languages where localization is recommended

Hi Goutham, if your bot is multilingual, in that point of time its better to use localisation, because at times, the sentence may vary from the original text while translating,
so its better to use localisation for irrespective of language.


Ideally you should always try to use localisation when your bot is multilingual.
Because anytime you want to change copy of messages, it’s much easier to do so in bulk or singularily using localisation keys.

Moreover, you don’t need to fill messages anymore if you don’t have manual translations, Even at localisation you can auto-fill messages from english to other language using “Autotranslate” button and actually see how your translation looks, edit it etc.

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