Where do I accept the Publish request?

I have published my bot fro dev to live. However, not able to find the option to accept the approval request. Can anybody help me with this? Need to take the bot live on priority.

Hey Rahul,

You will find the Publish request option: Click on the Profile icon(right top) → Click on Bot publish approval

If you are still not able to find see your bot publish request then it might be because of the following reasons:

  • Check your role in the bot(this is configured when someone invites you to the bot). If it’s not admin, super admin or approver then you don’t have the power to approve/decline publish request. Hence the request isn’t visible to you.
  • If it’s the first publish of the bot then only the super admin will get the request to approve it.

You can find more about user roles in our official documentation: Add bot collaborators | yellow.ai