Alert function failed in network tab for website that has been integrated with the BOT


Got a query from the client. This alert function will keeps on failing to load when the page integrated with our BOT is idle for at least 30 mins. See image for your reference.

Any idea what might causing this alert function failed to load? And does this affecting something within the website/bot loads? Thank you

Hey @Rafif_Elrienanto

This looks like a CORS issue. I’ll get this checked with the backend team.


@Rafif_Elrienanto can you share the website URL where you’re seeing this error? this one @Adithya_N_R

should we raise JIRA for this?

No need. This will not affect the bot’s functionality in any way.


hi @Adithya_N_R do we have updates on this issue we have raised last friday? :pray: