Preview message on cloud bot - Chat Widget

How we can achieve this on cloud bot

This is now powered by Inbound Engage.
Engage → Inbound → Create Campaign → Chat auto pop-up.
On the desktop, the bot will fully open. On mobile, a pop-up will be displayed.

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Tried but not working

Can you show how you are creating he Inbound Engage

Sure here it is

Hi @Abhijeet_Kumar , the Campaign Scheduling seems to be fine, can you try using our Chrome extension to see if the Inbound Campaign which you mentioned is working or not ?

How to use our Chrome Extentsion to test the Inbound Campaigns - Create & manage Inbound campaign |

Hey Harshin, I am using the chrome extension only but it is rendering the bot but not showing up the message.

Can you try testing in Amazon’s website. Change the URL to see if you are getting the expected result ?

The client might be blocking some of the elements required to execute in inbound campaign in their website.

Its not working, is there something else i should take care like any word limit in first message or anything.

Is it working fine in destop version ?

No, can you check it from your end.

Can you raise a ticket in that case .