API Authentication token refresh


How to refresh API auth tokens automatically. Its there any code sample that can be shared here?

Hey @Kumara_Murali,

May I know which API you are talking about?

Can you share more details on what is the use case?

For instance, I want to first validate the client with the phone number that I have in our record and then send software OTP to the client to be validated before sharing his/her information for security purpose

Hey @aafolabi,

You are talking about OTP Validation right?

Can you please explain how OTP Validation is related to, refreshing the API Authentication tokens?

I am talking about an account enquiry whereby we need to check that the person is really the one calling using the chatbot before releasing information to him/her.
Currently, once you have guessed our policy number, it will display all the information, which is not right.

It may not be API, but how can I handle such process?

@aafolabi Using API(s), you are gonna send and validate OTP, which is sent to user’s mobile number/email right?

If Yes, May I know, What is the issue you are facing on this?