Verify OTP is not working

verify otp node is not working . i have asked the question for the phone number, the phone number response is storing in an variable by name fludio_phone number. After that i am using send otp node in which phone number variable is fludio_phone number. In the verify otp node, i have taken the otp variable as fludio_phone number, for the response i have created a global variable by name otp success.

When i enter the otp, it is telling sorry i am not able to understand.


Can you share a screenshot of the verify OTP node and the variables passed


which node and variable datatype are you using for getting Success_otp

i am using string data type


Can you click on the error message and share a screenshot of the node highlighted

Someone help me in resolving the issue

Can you share developer access to your bot —

You can follow these steps, but please make sure to share Developer Access

Hi Gautam, I have followed the same steps. may be the you could have a got an email from in the name of damu


In the way you’ve set it up, after sending the OTP you’re not asking the user to ENTER the OTP value that they’ve received.

The bot needs to COLLECT this value from the user
Also, You need to pass that OTP value into the Verify OTP node — not the phone number


This should work

Note: This node will only work for mobile numbers within India as of now.

Thank you @gautham for resolving the issue.