App is not defined when trying to save my code

return new Promise(resolve => {
// Your logic goes here
let botId =;


Hi @Aishwarya.Gandhi

You cannot use the app class on

On the other hand, if you’re looking to find botID - simply head over to the bot and check the URL for characters following “x16…”. The entire string value is the botID.

Hi @gautham ,

I am trying to execute function for creating paymenyt link by using razorpay third party api.
When hitting Api through function ,used axios to call api.

Giving issue as app is not defined while I am using let response = await app.axios(config);

Please check step no:8 on below link:
Razorpay |

Please provide solution on this, How to receive a response by hitting api through function.

Hi @Aishwarya.Gandhi

If your goal is simply to create a payment link, you can perform the integration from the Integrations page (

Post which you’ll see an out of the box Razorpay node which will allow you generate the link in a no code fashion!

This node will generate and show the payment link to the end user on your desired channel. On click they’ll be redirected to make the payment.

We also have a couple of razorpay templates as a frame of reference from the marketplace which you can use as samples on how to flow could be built out.

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Okay. Issue resolved.

Thank you @gautham for the solution.