Razorpay not able to send data from the Webhook to whatsApp bot

Client (Boonbox) have created an Webhook on their Razorpay test a/c, where they have setup the Webhook with the required set of events.

The payment is done successfully at Razorpay but we are not getting data/event back into the whatsApp bot.

Razorpay url: https://cloud.yellow.ai/integrations/genericIntegration/razorpay/x1663064103162?id=IoFMX0wQAmsTA%2BqG8ETBTM3HR955D81O1mVQfbPJlhQ%3D

Reference Screenshots of payment being successfully done at Razorpay:

The event was not activated on the bot because of which it was not being received correctly.
It was pointed out and resolved.