Autocomplete correction for states

I am going to ask a user for the state he lives in, he may mistype the state for example typing “tm” to “tamil nadu”, or type “tamilnadu”. Is there a built in feature in YM to handle that? I see there are entities and Synonyms, can I use those some how for this? I am planning to use a simple text prompt to ask for the state.

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You can use Synonyms in the Entities module to accomplish this.

@Pratik can you give me more information on how to accomplish this?

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Sure @vadimgg

Under entities, you need to a list entity.

Now under the Synonyms field, you can provide different synonyms for the same entity.

For example, under agent entity I’ve provided support agent, customer support, customer support agent as synonyms. Hence, whenever the user provides any of these synonyms bot will consider the entity only.

how to I use entites in the journey them? do I link them somehow in quick replies? or prompt nodes?

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