Bot Challenge - December 2020 🏆

Hello folks,

After the huge success of Game of Bots and Build Your Own Bots many of our community members reached out to us saying that they really enjoyed participating in these events and would like to participate in such future initiatives.

So, we’ve decided to host a monthly “Bot Challenge” event; where you’ll get a chance to showcase your bot-building skills every month! How amazing is that, isn’t it?

FRIENDS accepted the challenge, what about you?

What’s in it for me? :gift:

If you ask, what’s in there for you? We’ll provide platform access of Yellow Messenger to participants as well as we will also share learning resources to help you build the bots.

Not only these, but winner will get exciting Yellow Messenger Goodies as well as extended access to the Yellow Messenger platform for 3 more months.

Yellow Messenger Goodies

Theme :paintbrush:

You can build a bot for anything! It doesn’t matter how silly or complicated your idea is.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

This event is only for solo developers.

Timeline :timer_clock:

  • 4th December 2020 - Bot Challenge Kickoff

  • 25th December 2020 - Submission closes

  • 29th December 2020 - Shortlisted bots announcement and community voting starts

  • 7th January 2020 - Winner Announcement

Community Voting :people_holding_hands:

Our internal team will review all bot submissions and shortlist 5 bots. Those 5 bots will be listed on the community as a post. Our community members can check out the bots, ask the developers any questions they’ve about the bot and based on that they can vote for the bot they liked the most. To vote, they just need to click on the heart button below your favorite bot’s post.

Top 3 bots that get the most likes (votes) conquer the challenge.

Learning Resources :books:

  1. Yellow Messenger Platform Basics:

  2. Udemy Courses:

  1. Documentation: (under development)

  2. Yellow Messenger Academy:

Support :handshake:

In case you’ve got any query related to bot building or event in general, you can always post here on the community. Our community members and YM team will be happy to help you.

We will also host office hours calls twice a week where you can book a time slot to resolve your queries related to bot building. Please make sure to ask your query on the community first.

Office Hours Link:

Submission :inbox_tray:

The last day to submit is 25th December 2020.

Submission form:

Please note that you can’t use any of the bots you’ve built during the previous events hosted by Yellow Messenger. You’ll be disqualified if we find the plagiarized bot entry.

Spread the word! :speaking_head:

Community is always more fun with more friends, right? You can spread the word about the Yellow Messenger community and don’t forget to tag the official social media handle of Yellow Messenger.

Can’t wait to see your bots! :robot:

Yellow Messenger Community Team