Can we add image into quick reply button

Can we add image into quick reply button without any text in the button value

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@Somya_Vashistha this seems like a question for Studio and not Engage, hence moving this.
Quick-Reply buttons are inteded to be textual and so, you cannot pass an image as the actual button value.

  • What would the options look like for the end user and Why
  • What channel are you targeting for this use-case

What do you mean by image in Quick Reply button? What is the usecase?
You can have emojis in the button.

hi @gautham and @Subhrajit_Gupta there is request from client they need image in Quick Reply button instead of text we add in QR’s, We tried using image prefix but we need only image in the QR button.

Hi @Sai_Kumar_Singaram ,

Images arent posible in QuickReply.

@Sai_Kumar_Singaram If you just want an image in QRs, set the Button name of the QR from a variable (do not set any value for the variable) and set the prefix image to the image URL that you want.

Hi @Shraeyas Tried this getting unable display error in logs