Quick Reply Buttons not working in Whatsapp channel

Hi Community,

I have used a quick reply node with three buttons in my flow. While testing in the website channel, the buttons are working fine. However, when I test in the whatsapp channel, the options are coming as numbered options instead of buttons.

Please help me resolve the same. Thanks.

Please add Whatsapp Carousel for WA buttons upto 3 buttons.

Switch by changing the channel, by accessing the channel button in left section of cloud UI.

Follow the doc for Prompts → Prompt Nodes | yellow.ai

Hey Subhrajit,

Appreciate the response. Does it mean that

  1. Quick reply node doesn’t work in WA channel ?
  2. Do i need to change all my existing Quick Reply nodes to Carousel nodes ?

Please confirm.

  1. QR node works as it has worked as number 1,2,3 for you.
    But if you want butttons or options you have to go for WA carousel or WA lists.
  2. Yes for number of options <=3, and list for > 3 options.