New line is not working on email template's dynamic variable

I’m getting the dynamic values from a function and passing that value to the email body.
The values are coming on a same line.How to align them to New line??

Can you share the template creation preview?
There are two ways to create the template: HTML and plain text and both should allow you to pass the new line while creating.
Is it the case that in preview the new line is shown and not during the actual email?

Hi Likhin,

Try using -
: The Line
Break element


Hi {{1}}

Thanks for contacting.

Yes @Dimple_Mehta Here I’m using plain text.

Hi @Harshin_Balaji
i Have tried this as well not working
All the data’s are coming in the same line

Hi @Likhin_Jain_S_M ,

Please refer to this ss. On using Break element. We are able to go the next line.

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@Likhin_Jain_S_M Is the entire template dynamic? I see only the data variable populated in the body.
I would suggest to only populate the dynamic values via the variables and write the template with the sentences that are generic.

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Yes @Dimple_Mehta the entire template is dynamic suppose if i don’t have any data for a day. In that case generic message also will come in mail right? That’s why i’m using a generic text in a function only

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@Harshin_Balaji Got it but in the place of test template i need to pass a looped dynamic data

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So, the current behaviour observed is that when the new line starts with a variable — it’s not being treated as a new line, but it’s coming in continuation?

Yes @gautham Like if have 3 data inside a variable .each data should come in a new line

That’s not how the template variable logic works today.

Best way to break this would be if you have 3 values inside one variable
Perform some sort of split using a function and return the 3 values as an returnedArray = [value1, value2, value3]

Then assign these into 3 variables using the variables node

variable1 - {{{variables.returnedArray.0.value1}}}
variable2 - {{{variables.returnedArray.0.value2}}}
variable3 - {{{variables.returnedArray.0.value3}}}

And create the template such that these variables are as a new line



Got it @gautham but the values will differ from day to day as it’s dynamic.We are not sure how many data will come and returnedArray length will vary