Can we capture below details while login process

During the Log In process in the Bot, Is it possible to capture all the below pointers as client wants them.

  • Channel (App/ Web) - Through which the user has come.
  • Product ID - In order to check which product the customer is talking about.
  • IP Address - In order to block any customer for unethical behaviour (Is there any other way where we can block the customer for the same without capturing the IP Address ??)
  • Device - Is the User using Android/ Apple


What channel(s) is the bot deployed on?

Website & Client App

Right, so Web + Mobile SDK come under the in-house (native) channels we have.

Channel: Not sure if we can fetch this
IP: you can use {{{data.profile.ip}}} to fetch this on
Device: Not sure if we can fetch this

ProductID: can you give some context on this? When is the bot opened? is it after going into a Product/Order?

Thanks for Information @gautham.
On Product ID I will try to get some more info. so that it would be easy to understand…

Device: data.profile.userAgent.device
For product and data they want to route ask client to send the payload so that you will get that in profile

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Thank you @Subhrajit_Gupta