Can we have mic feature enabled for WhatsApp & web bot

We have a requirement in the JKLC project where we need to enable a mic (STT) for user input.
This is required for WhatsApp as well as for web bot. Is this feature available now? if yes can someone please share the process for the same?

Namaste @Samyuktha_G
Speech-to-text i.e., Voice input is now available on V2 widget.
Please create a jira ticket along with necessary details. We will enable the feature.

@Wasim_Laskar can help validate for WhatsApp channel

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No, STT is not possible for WhatsApp Bots.

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Thanks, @akshay_bhat Here’s the ticket: Log in with Atlassian account

Hi, @Wasim_Laskar thanks for the update. But the client was referring to the BPCL WhatsApp bot. Any idea on this? can we use Microsoft STT service?