Carousal Slider card Span issue

Please check attached image.
Tried to use slider card. User can select 0 to 10 from slider. After selecting 0 its giving value in the span ,for selection upon 1 to 10 ,it’s giving proper digit like 2,3…For 0 ,facing issue.

Please suggest.

code for slider:
return new Promise(resolve => {
let arr = ;
let slidecard = {
title: ‘Got it. For yearly, How long do you want to save?’,
slider: {
step: 1,
min: 0,
max: 10,
val: 0,
min_content: “0 Year”,
max_content: “10 Year”
console.log(arr, “=======cardarrfav=======”);



Any solution for this issue!

Can anyone provide solution on this?

Can anyone provide solution on this?

Asked this question before 9 Days Ago…
If we don’t have solution, then please let us know.


if it’s working for other numbers like 1/2/3 and not for 0, this is a bug.

Can you please raise a support ticket and the respective POC will be assigned to help you close out this issue