If the client can provide the custom font URL, Can we use that Custom Font on the Chat Widget For Website Channel?

Hi @akshay_bhat,

One of our clients wants to use a Custom Font called “Seravek” on our website channel chatbot.

The reason for this is, The client is using this “Seravek” Font on their Website and hence they want to use the same font on our website channel chatbot as well.

If i can get this Custom Font URL from them, I will be able to configure and use this Custom Font “Seravek” on our website channel chatbot right?

CC: @Divs

Yes, @Amudhan_S
That should be possible. Documentation: Set up Chat widget | yellow.ai

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Hey @akshay_bhat,

Can we create a Custom font URL by ourself, By using this ZIP File?

(Or) Do we have to ask the client to upload these custom fonts to a Font Hosting service and then use the URL from there, as a Custom Font URL?

(Or) By Making use of the Above Zip File, Can you upload these Custom Fonts to the required Bot ID from the backend?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

@Amudhan_S it has to be hosted on a font hosting service

Hi @akshay_bhat,

For this particular client we are offering our Yellow’s ‘Single Tenant’ Setup Architecture.

Since we are doing this ‘Single Tenant’ Setup, Can we upload this custom font to one of our hosting service and use that custom font URL in our bot?

We don’t recommend it since the hosting service needs to have a very good uptime. Please check with On-prem team once.