Decision making with very similar utterances

Hi Everyone,

I’m facing an issue where I need your guys input. We have a use case where around 30 answers would use very very similar utterances. The utterances differ only in certain keywords where these keywords should define how the bot should respond with. For example:


  • Cola, Pepsi, Bubble Cola
  • Book, Booklet, E-Book
  • Car, E-Car, Truck


  • Can I buy that Cola/Coca Cola/Bubble Cola?
  • Can I buy that book/booklet/e-book?
  • Can I buy that car/e-car/truck?

The problem I have here is that I’m not sure how to handle this use case. As far as I understand, we should avoid creating multiple intents with very similar utterances. But in this case we have “3 stores” which sell things and also use very similar utterances. My first approach was to create one intent, then an entity and afterward implement a system where Yellow AI would make decisions based on the mentioned keyword by the user. But I’m stuck at the part of identifying the entity-keyword and its synonyms. And this does also mean that I’ll have to define 30 different utterances for each answer if I understood it correctly.

Now my question is, if there is a way to identify the entity-keyword in a journey other the “Make it Smart” function from the quick reply prompt? Have you guys had any similar use cases and how did you solve that problem? Should I take a different approach here?