Fetch details from which page the user is coming to the bot

The client has Facebook as well as Instagram pages, and in the pages they will be embedding our WhatsApp chatbot link. We want to fetch that which user is coming from which page. Is this possible?

PN:- Its not a fb ad campaign.

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Create a different messaging link for Facebook Page and Instagram Page.
For example - For Facebook you can have the default msg as Hi. and for Instagram - Hi…

When the user comes to the bot check for intial msg using if else condition and based on the msg you can find out if they are coming from facebook or instagram whatsapp link

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will go with this only but here the drawback is, the user can type any text by removing the pre appended text.

Hi @Wasim_Laskar can you please help us with this query :

Apart from the above method of having different initial text, is there any other way from which we can find which source(FB page / Instagram page) the end user landed up on our WhatsApp bot?

One more thing to note here is that:-
While we connect facebook page or instagram page with WhatsApp account, we cannot give links with prefilled messages. We do it like this :point_down:


So, the workaround here won’t work as well.

@Harshin_Balaji @Suryakumar_Arumugam @Wasim_Laskar

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To add on, we’ve 7 Facebook pages where Whatsapp will be linked and we need to identify the page the user is landing into the bot from. With the approach used to link Facebook & Whatsapp, there’s no option to create a custom link and hence need another solution.

Hi @Wasim_Laskar , Would you be able to help us with any ideas?


You can check if this helps

@gautham The issue is its a facebook page where WhatsApp will be connected, and not a facebook ad.